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The Open Day 8th July 2017 The Open Day 8.7.17

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The clubs operating layout Monyador

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The new 00 gauge layout The new 00 gauge layout

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The new 00 gauge layout - The theme

The clubs new small fiddle to terminus 00 gauge layout will be at the open day 8th July 2017.

All rolling stock and locomotives are to be fitted with either Kadee or B & B auto-couplers. These are activated by electro-magnets under the track, and allow remote uncoupling of stock. Once uncoupled, stock can then be propelled without re-coupling taking place. The couplings have proved very reliable in use, and also very easy to make up and fit, particularly to proprietary items.

The layout will be operated by a team composed of members of the Stockport and District Railway Modellers.

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