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Details of our annual Exhibition Exhibition

The Open Day The Open Day 25/6/2016

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The clubs operating layout Monyador

A Members themed layout Royale Les Eaux

The N Gauge layout The N Gauge layout

The clubs layout in progress St Aidan's Bay

This page lists the changes made to our website.
The site is updated quite regularly without necessarily adding a note in here. Regular updates are to the home page top big blue box and the Exhibition page.

Spring 2016
Reloaded all pages due to premesis move, date and venue changes, layout updates etc
Summer 2010
Moved servers from Yahoo Geocities when they closed down. No more unwanted ads! Yahoo ;-)
March 2003
Added Page describing our current club layout in progress St Aidan's Bay
Added Page describing our current club operating layout Stopford Central
Added Page describing our club Open Day in September, updated as details are confirmed.
June 2001
Added description of a members layout. Royale Les Eaux
December 2000
Added a page of model railway related links
November 2000
Added Page describing our Exhibition at Stockport Grammar School. Updated in time for each subsequent exhibition.
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