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Royale Les Eaux

A layout by an S&DRM Member.

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The clubs operating layout Monyador

A Members themed layout Royale Les Eaux

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The clubs layout in progress St Aidan's Bay

This rather unusual layout started life as Much Winding, a club layout you may have seen at previous S&DRM exhibitions for younger visitors to try out. Now in private hands the layout has been developed into what you see here.

Orient Express at the station The name Royale Les Eaux comes from the Ian Flemming novel Casino Royale, the first of the literary James Bond stories and what you see on the layout is all based on James Bond stories from the books as well as the films. 007 himself appears a number of times on the layout in various guises and a good number of his co-starring characters can also be seen.

Circus train outside Goldfingers factory

Three of the Bond films feature quite prominent railway scenes and these are represented by the rolling stock on the layout, including the Orient Express (From Russia with Love), the circus train (Octopussy) and the train from Goldeneye.

Mimic Motorway, DB5 and Moonraker Also, being a classic car enthusiast, the owner has had great fun finding appropriate road vehicles for the layout and has even managed to include some of the old Minic Motorway system including what else, but an Aston Martin DB5!

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